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Advanced Flameworking Vol II / Dichroic Coated Glass


“Milon Townsend has presented another gift to the collective lampworking community with his book ‘Advanced Flameworking, Vol. II – Dichroic Coated Glass’. We are given a window into the mind of a tireless craftsman with this unabridged list of technical methods using dichro. The reader is presented with various innovations, practical executions, and a multitude of uses for dichro. The detailed, thorough, and organized list of short cuts and how-to sequences is not just a list of uses and possible outcomes for dichro. This book also acts as an ambassador to this often misunderstood and difficult to work material, while giving the reader an outline using the Townsend method of breaking down and executing lampworking techniques. In short, this book is not just about using dichroic coated glass. In the tradition of ‘Advanced Flameworking, Vol. I’, it gives the reader a foundation to problem solve and create, as a lampworking artist or craftsman.” Salt, 2017

  • Model: BAF Vo.2
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