Glass Working Books, Videos & Artwork

Glass Blowing Products and Artwork that will blow your mind From a master craftsman, glass blowing books, videos and samples of Milon Townsend's artwork.

Townsend is the author of six books. They include technical instruction manuals for flameworking glass, marketing guidelines and insight for all artists, and contemplative philosophical volumes. He is currently writing his next three books, and writes columns for 3 periodicals. He has also produced a series of eight videos, demonstrating the techniques that he has developed, making the information available to other artists in his field After a series of stores in the Rochester area in the 70's, Townsend traveled the country, and settled in New York City from 1980 - 1992. He has created works for Pres. George Bush (the elder), Arnold Palmer, and Cyrus Vance. Corporate clients include Bristol-Myers-Squibb, AT&T, Ford, & BusinessWeek magazine. More about him :

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